Internet of Trains to Improve Uptime and Safety

How many times have you pulled the car out of your driveway, driven away from your house, and had to circle back to make sure you closed the garage door?

It happens to the best of us – anxiety about the security of our homes.

Now imagine the same situation, only this time you pull to the side of the road, open a smartphone app, and confirm that you did indeed close the garage door. The benefits that come with the Internet of Things-enabled smart home, including peace of mind, are huge.

Technology companies are moving quickly to capitalize on the smart home opportunity, and retailers are in on the action too.

According to Fortune the well-known retailer, Best Buy, is making a major attempt to establish its stores as a one-stop-shop for smart home technology. Best Buy has opened 40 dedicated sections in stores to promote smart-home products and ride one of electronics’ fasted growing areas.

“Not only is it reassuring and cool to keep tabs on your home, you can lower energy costs in the process, and feel the comfort of knowing you don’t have to drive home to check on the house,” Best Buy touts about some of the benefits of a connected home.

With smart technologies from thermostats, lighting, and lock security systems all the way to refrigerators with temperature control, Best Buy has something that will appeal to everyone, as well as the gadgets to connect them. The store offers networking and wireless devices (routers, modems, Ethernet hubs, and more).

Other well-known retailers offer an array of smart home products, including the Home Depot. Its products are “Wink app ready” and “Wink app compatible,” which means the “ready” products can communicate with a home Internet router, and the “compatible” products require a hub as a translator. The Home Depot sells the Wink app hub too.

Wink is a platform that enables users to connect and control different smart product brands all from one single app.

According to Wink, customers may not walk into a store dreaming of a fully tricked-out smart home, but once people buy a first connected device, they are likely to buy more.

A fact that brand giants like Honeywell, Philips, Schlage, GE and others are banking on. Together the companies are part of a growing universe of 15 major manufacturers with products that complement each other on the Wink platform.

Photo courtesy of Wink.