Windchill Interference Management Service

Detect, Manage and Report Interferences in Heterogeneous CAD Products

If not identified early in the design process, clashes or interferences that occur between components can frequently result in rework, additional cost and extended time-to-market.

Windchill Interference Management Service automatically identifies and tracks design clash issues while still in a digital mockup environment, thus allowing you to quickly validate configurations and resolve any problems.

Windchill Interference Management Service Features and Benefits

  • Flexible analysis parameters — User-defined parameters including tolerance values on the interference check
  • Automate job queuing and execution — Interference jobs submitted to the system are automatically queued and passed to an available “interference worker”
  • Dynamic groups — Search groups and dynamic groups enable the automatic population and creation of component and assembly groupings on the basis of meta data or product structure hierarchy
  • Scalable architecture — A flexible environment that includes the use of "interference workers" that are separate from, but communicate with, the Windchill server