Xandorra B.V., AdUltima Group

Xandorra B.V., AdUltima Group

Address: Rubensstraat 215

City: VE Ede

Zipcode: 6717

Phone Number: +31 317 419 164

Country: Netherlands

Ad Ultima was founded in 2000 by Filip Bossuyt to sell and implement Axapta ERP software, developed by Damgaard Data from Denmark. This software package was used to automate large numbers of standard tasks and speed up operations. Following an initial phase of growth, Ad Ultima took over various companies and is now called Ad Ultima Group.Ad Ultima supports your business with technology and improves your corporate performance. We use the insights into your business processes as a basis to search together for possible improvements, which we then implement. Our consultants have concrete practical experience and proven solutions in your sector.

Tier: Gold

Related Products: CAD Software, PLM Software, Retail PLM Software, SLM Software, PTC Mathcad, Internet of Things (IoT)

Partner Type: Resells or distributes PTC solutions, Delivers and sells PTC University Training

Website: https://www.adultimagroup.com/en/