Address: 63 Garden Road

City: Wellesley

State: Massachusetts

Zipcode: 02481

Country: USA

ViziApps has integrated PTC ThingWorx as a no-coding data source forViziApps cross-platform mobile apps. ViziApps is a SaaS Visual Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) platform you can use to rapidly design your mobile app’s user experience, native device feature use, and use of backend databases and IoT datawith no coding. ViziApps enables its 1,000’s of users to leverage their existing office and database software skills to visually create business and IoT mobile apps in 1/10th the time and cost of engineering coded methods. ViziApps apps can be easily enhanced with seamless addition of JavaScript, and completed apps run cross-platform on iOS and Android phones and tablets. ViziApps has integrated no-coding connectors for AT&T M2X, Google docs and Drive, 37 SQL Databases, Intuit QuickBooks, Red Hat MAP, and Salesforce. ViziApps is a secure cloud-based, enterprise grade solution, stress-tested to millions of app users.

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