ShenZhen Anyason Technology Co.,Ltd.

ShenZhen Anyason Technology Co.,Ltd.

Relying on the manufacturing and construction users in-depth understanding and deep technical services and software development capabilities; based on the user's application needs for Chinese users to provide a comprehensive enterprise information management solutions.

Our advantage:

1, a comprehensive software vendor PTC China value-added reseller, covering the product manufacturing industry's full range of products, professional design and information management software, services and solutions provider

2, excellent technical service providers For the Chinese industry users to provide platform to build, conventional applications, efficiency, innovation-driven, analysis and simulation of design data management consulting, training, service outsourcing and other value-added services; Has a strong software development capabilities for the industry to provide users with software interface, the underlying optimization and expansion of the function;

3, senior product lifecycle management (PLM) program providers Providing fast, easy-to-use and cost-effective PLM solutions for any size enterprise, while providing more data integration, management, and optimization of industry solutions and products through improved product development and manufacturing related activities , Thereby enhancing the competitiveness of business users of the industry.