Prometo GMBH

Prometo GMBH

Our origin:
Our origins lie in the development and IT departments of well-known manufacturers of electronic and mechatronic systems. This expertise led to the founding of PROMETO in 2010.

Our Passion:

Use smart technologies meaningfully and legally secure

Our contributions:

Our contribution to product safety
Anyone who wants to bring products successfully into the market has to deal intensively with security (security). Many executives and many developers are not very familiar with security. To change this is our contribution to the safety of products.

Our contribution to the collaboration
The world is complex and turbulent. Companies can not have their own specialists on all subject areas. Complementing know-how, adapting the development depth and professional integration of suppliers are key issues for us. It is our contribution to the collaboration with customers to develop economically meaningful solutions, to introduce new technologies and to solve conflicts of interest.

Our contribution to cost-effectiveness
Consumers are moving in very dynamic markets with a variety of disruptive technologies and extreme competition. Survival can only be the vendor with strong skills, to quickly develop and remove obstacles immediately. We act as a catalyst for the creation of a new self-understanding in which agility is the focus of organization and product customization as well as the highest quality. Organizational agility is our contribution to profitability.  

Our contribution to the control of legal frameworks

Technical objects can cause damage. A precise consideration of legal aspects is therefore required. A common language is often not found by lawyers and technicians. Contracts and labor law are rather minor obstacles. It becomes more complex when criminal aspects, telecommunications laws and personality rights are viewed as a personal risk for managers. Intermediate engineers and lawyers is our contribution to the control of legal frameworks.

Our offer:
Cases and make informed decisions

Gain certainty, especially in disputes

Build knowledge and get the required routine

Project management:

We always have the objectives of your projects in view (quality, costs and dates)

Software products:
Obtain the necessary blocks from licenses, configuration, maintenance and administration


Improve relationships between departments as well as suppliers and their customers

Our customer segments:

SMEs to large international corporations

Our customers:

Executives, development departments, human resources department, personnel development, purchasing as well as IT departments.