Portugal Telecom

Portugal Telecom

Address: Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, 40

City: Lisboa

Zipcode: 1069-300

Country: Portugal

Portugal Telecom is part of the Altice Group, an international group of telecommunications and multimedia. In the Portuguese market, Portugal Telecom is a client oriented company, focused on innovation and execution to meet the needs of the digital consumer. Focus on investment in infrastructure (Fiber Optics and 4G), innovation and services/ content are a priority for Portugal Telecom given its key role in achieving sustained growth, along with the goals of greater competitiveness in the supply of products and services while simultaneously providing greater efficiency in its development and delivery to the market. All this investment is crucial for strengthening the company’s competitiveness and leadership in the various segments and markets where it operates. In response to changing consumer habits, the company has directed its provision towards convergence, mobility and virtualization of content and services. Portugal Telecom is also the center of innovation for the Altice Group and 200 million people in more than 35 countries benefit from solutions made in Portugal. One thousand engineers worldwide – 650 in Portugal – think, create and develop new products and services, focusing in new solutions and technologies in ICT.

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Partner Type: Sells solutions or applications that are embedded or bundled with PTC technologies

Website: https://www.telecom.pt/