OSIsoft, LLC

OSIsoft, LLC

The PI System provides pervasive connectivity to control & monitoring systems, gateways and sensors.  Data is stored in the PI Data Archive.  It organizes data into an Asset Model that can be sync’d with ThingWorx.  The PI System has native calculation capabilities, visualization tools and notifications.  The PI System delivers analytics-ready data to ThingWorx and other enterprise systems.

The PI System is an enterprise data infrastructure.  ThingWorx Platform provides a rapid IoT solution development platform that leverages the extensive PI System installed based and 1.5 billion data streams to add value through Mashups, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Analytics, based on decades of history in PI Systems and Augmented Reality.

Together, OSIsoft, PTC and other partners in our ecosphere can deliver robust IIoT solutions for many industries.

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OSIsoft, LLC
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