OnFarm was founded in Fresno CA, the heart of the richest agricultural region in the world. We pioneered the concept of building an internet of things platform that enables a comprehensive array of leading farm hardware technologies into a single grower-friendly management and decision platform.

When we founded OnFarm we knew many great hardware and information companies with technology and operations that could really help growers. But surprisingly none of them actually worked together.

And when these systems don’t work together, no one benefits. Not the hardware companies, not the growers, and not the people that try to help growers get the most out of their crops.

So we embarked on building OnFarm out of a desire to create an intuitive system for growers, our agricultural experiences, advances in fixed asset technology, and extensive research into emerging agricultural trends.

We think we’ve hit on something great and we’ve put in lots of hard work, but there is always more to do. We welcome you to follow us as we continue to integrate exciting technology and to follow the advances we’re making for farmers everywhere.