nexiles - Managing & Connecting Things

nexiles - Managing & Connecting Things

Address: Birkenweg 12/3

City: Weingarten

Zipcode: 88250

Phone Number: +49 751 270 856 50

Country: Germany

nexiles is an independent consulting and software company with a global project footprint, broad experience-knowledge and systemic thinking capabilities in its genes.

We support customers strategically and operationally in optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of their individual business processes and models.

As full-service provider, we offer a comprehensive portfolio in the areas of IoT/Industry 4.0, CAD and PLM

- consulting 
- sales
- software development and customization 
- trainings,
- user support and 
- application operations

MANAGING THINGS is our proven unit that delivers services around PTC’s CAD / PLM solutions for more than a decade.

CONNECTING THINGS was being formed to focus on the area of digitalization on basis of the Thingworx IIOT platform. 
Here we are supporting customers in their digital transformation along the whole value chain in- and outside the company by 
- developing individual digitalisation strategies
-       identifying and realising added business value
- implementing tailored solutions
- developing own solutions based on the Thingworx platform
-       selling the IIOT platform
- offering additional services based on Thingworx

We are PTC Partner in the areas of
- Resell and Distribute PTC solutions
- Sell value added services around PTC solutions
- Sell solutions or applications that are embedded or bundled with PTC Technologies

Tier: Silver

Related Products: CAD Software, PLM Software, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR)

Partner Type: Resells or distributes PTC solutions