Newbook Production Inc.

Newbook Production Inc.



Zipcode: L5S 1X2

Phone Number: 1-905-670-9997 1-800-588-9334

Country: Canada

Newbook helps organizations use technologies to manage and communicate technical information more effectively. Our efforts help people in public and private organizations across Canada gather, manage, disseminate and re-use information. In health care facilities, our systems help health practitioners gather disease and health intervention statistics. Regulators in energy and drug regulatory agencies use our information models to ensure that all documents submitted by energy and pharmaceutical companies are secure and meet the evaluation criteria of the regulatory process. In places where air travel safety is foremost, aircraft manufacturers use our systems to publish, online or in print, documentation supporting the maintenance of their aircraft. Newbook seeks to understand how organizations communicate and what technologies best serve this function. It hires people, like members of the Newbook team, who look first to acquire this understanding before prescribing a solution. And, it believes that its strength and growth comes from people with diverse interests, work experiences and academic backgrounds.

Tier: Silver

Related Products: CAD Software, PLM Software, PTC Mathcad, Internet of Things (IoT)

Partner Type: Resells or distributes PTC solutions