mdk GmbH

mdk GmbH

Address: Grantham-Allee 2-8

City: St. Augustin

Zipcode: 53757

Phone Number: +49 2241 955 8475

Country: Germany

mdk is an IoT systems integrator for ThingWorx. We deliver tailor-made, innovative IoT solutions for (industrial) SME based on agile principles.

With the ThingWorx rapid prototyping possibilities and our long years of experience in agile software development, we deliver pragmatic, hands-on results within just a few days. 

The time-to-market is drastically lowered compared to individual development and the value of an innovative IoT solution can be captured much quicker. 

This value, for example, of a connected product or connected operations comes from improved operational efficiency, deeper insights into product usage, reduced down-times, better work-force safety, integrated digital maintenance, supply-chain-integration with customers and supplier, new service-based business models or better performance.

Tier: Silver

Related Products: Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Kepware

Partner Type: Sells value added services around PTC solutions