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City: Advisory, Berlin

Zipcode: 10117

Country: Germany

EY follows an integrated consulting approach that combines strategy with process and IT consulting for PLM, IoT, Service and AR/ VR.

Our service portfolio comprises, for example:
PLM/ IoT strategy: We help you derive your PLM strategy from your business strategy - using clear framework conditions and strategic targets.

Modularization: We provide you with support for modularizing your service portfolio, thereby achieving high reusability rates. This results in significant cost reductions.
Systems engineering: With software playing an ever-increasing role in today’s products, product complexity is growing exponentially. With systems engineering, we contribute to mastering this complexity.
PLM/ IoT processes: We work hand in hand with you to develop integrated PLM/ERP processes. These are essential if innovations are to be passed on to downstream processes quickly and without errors.
PLM/ IoT analytics: By continuously capturing and leveraging KPIs, we lay the foundation for responding to changed conditions at any time.
PLM/ IoT systems and architecture: PLM systems provide you with support that enables you to efficiently manage your product development processes. We contribute the necessary knowledge of the capabilities and weaknesses of various PLM systems in conjunction with ERP.
Service lifecycle management: Products are increasingly enhanced by services, spare parts business, maintenance and much more besides. To help you fully exploit the potential benefits, we leverage integrated development

Our teams have a comprehensive grasp of PLM and ERP that is virtually second to none. What’s more, we look at end-to-end processes as a whole and across system boundaries. EY is a global organization with more than 40,000 advisory professionals. This means you can count on our support at any time around the world. Our teams boast extensive experience in advising and supporting not only Fortune 500 and DAX companies but also family-managed medium-sized businesses

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Partner Type: Sells value added services around PTC solutions

Website: http://www.de.ey.com/plm