DVM IoT Solutions

DVM IoT Solutions

Address: Teknopark Ankara Ivedik OSB 2224.Cad

City: Ankara

Zipcode: 06378

Country: Turkey

DVM IoT Solutions provides customized end-to-end IoT solutions in industry.

DVM leverages the ThingWorx Platform’s capabilities to minimize the time-to-market duration. We provide real time monitoring and decision support systems using real time data integrated with state-of-the art heuristic and linear optimization tools.

DVM works as a System Integrator for Thingworx, has commercial, ready to deploy IoT solutions and can develop tailor made IoT applications. DVM designs and manufactures all the hardware required for its IoT projects ready for plug-and-play site deployment with remote device management.

Related Products: Internet of Things (IoT), Manufacturing Software

Partner Type: Sells value added services around PTC solutions

Website: http://www.dvm.com.tr