Dgroove s.r.l.

Dgroove s.r.l.

Address: Via Monte Baldo 6

City: Villafranca di Verona, Verona

Zipcode: 37069

Phone Number: +39 (045) 8600171

Country: Italy

Dgroove Srl creates and delivers solutions of excellence, accompanying and supporting business customers in adopting the most innovative opportunities offered by the IT market, adapting and integrating them constantly in time with training and technological services. We are involved in improving and optimizing business processes by paying close attention to human resources and developing their potential to increase the effectiveness, dynamism and collaboration of individuals and workgroups. The company is divided into three business units. The most innovative, Smart Business Solution, offers Internet of Things and augmented reality solutions, as well as, customer applications and cloud solutions. 

It does so with a team of consultants constantly updated on innovative technological solutions required by the market.
The IoT and Augmented Reality solutions are principally aimed at the manufacturers of industrial machines that have customers located in different parts of the world and offer a post sales service. 

In particular, Dgroove develops applications to help the after sales engineer to track geographical location and real-time operation of the equipment, receiving data and alarms. Furthermore, by exploiting bidirectionality, it is possible to control and manage them remotely. 
Augmented Reality applications are for the maintenance and remote technical assistance, for remote training or self-paced training, to provide instructions for use and assembly, to create showrooms of remote machines and functionalities and for collaborative Design. 

Dgroove is one of the few companies in Italy to develop on the augmented reality device Microsoft Hololens, as well as, on tablets. This depends on the customer's preferences.

Tier: Silver

Related Products: Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR)

Partner Type: Sells value added services around PTC solutions

Website: http://www.dgroove.it