Design Cluster

Design Cluster

Address: 139,Prabhu Nagar,Annapurna Road,Indore-452012

City: Indore

Country: India

Design Cluster is a leading company of central India involved in providing Solutions, Training and consultancy in the field of CAD|CAM|CAE especially in the field of 3D CAD & CAM, Simulation , PDM & PLM, Technical Illustration and Documentation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions & Services(AR/VR),Internet of things Solutions (IOT) & Additive Manufacturing Services(3D Printing).We provide solutions and services in the field of Mechanical CAD, Architecture CAD, Civil CAD,GIS,Construction and sustainable design,2D and 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design,E learning, Technical communication etc.

Tier: Silver

Related Products: CAD Software

Partner Type: Resells or distributes PTC solutions