Address: 694 Meadow Wood Drive

City: Crescent Springs

State: Kentucky

Zipcode: 41017

Phone Number: 513-290-8664

Country: USA

Founded in 2007, Datafrond offers industry proven best practice processes and technology solutions for small to mid-size businesses looking to improve their product development processes. We provide solutions for CAD, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality Management (QLM/QMS) and Industrial Internet of Things. Most notably, Datafrond’s proprietary PLM-IN-A-BOX and Quality Management solutions are recognized for their proven methods and successfully adopted by many industrial product manufacturers. We have helped some of the world’s most recognized companies to become more innovative and competitive by helping create efficiency in product development processes. Our approach focuses on building the right PLM foundation that integrates the process, systems, data and people.

Tier: Silver

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Partner Type: Resells or distributes PTC solutions