CIL4Sys Engineering

CIL4Sys Engineering

Address: 20 rue Moxouris

City: Le Chesnay

Zipcode: 78150

Phone Number: +33616332518

Country: France

CIL4Sys provides System Engineering services and delivers in short loops of typically 2 weeks: a model in Unified Modelling Language (UML) that describes the behavioral logic of the studied system; the simulations that allow to visualize the system behavior; the test sequences for validation; the requirements’ documents automatically generated with the model. CIL4Sys guarantees the respect of the project’s schedule and can divide the development costs by up to three.

CIL4Sys has defined a process and created its own tool chain around PTC Integrity Modeler to serve this process. A key point in the process and tool chain designed by CIL4Sys, is that a system engineer can see the result of his design: thanks to the ability to immediately run simulations by himself, he does not have to wait for others to building and running simulations or prototypes. The engineer delivers the requirements’ documents only when his simulations show that the behavior is fulfilling the expectations.

Tier: Silver

Related Products: Internet of Things (IoT), PLM Software, ALM Software

Partner Type: Sells value added services around PTC solutions