Address: Via G. Marconi, 25

City: Sorbolo

Zipcode: 43058

Phone Number: +39 0521 669411

Country: Italy

Since 1986, CDM Group provides solutions and services for the management, optimization and support of information systems and business infrastructure systems, on national and international markets. The presence and activities of a company in foreign countries determine the specific communication needs and integration of information systems. The CDM Group supports the development of ICT systems for companies operating on global markets, both from an architectural point of view of both application, ensuring the flexibility and dynamism necessary to the current economic environment. The solutions and services are provided to cover the main areas of the business that need a computer support, either individually or in an integrated environment: CAD and PLM, ERP and Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence and CPM, CRM / eBusiness, Digital Marketing, System & Network Management. With a total staff of more than 200 employees, the CDM Group consists of five specialized and independent companies, three Italian, a Chinese and a Spanish that while operating each with its own focus and organization, actively collaborating synergistically, depending the opportunities and needs of each individual customer. Our value Focusing on the customer's business objectives direct experience in project implementation at the customer's side. An ongoing commitment to offer the best solutions to the individual needs of each company, with concrete and measurable results. Reliability and expertise Qualified advisory service, development and support he has earned certification on the best technologies on the market, able to ensure a high level of service for over twenty five years. the maximum efficiency Search Dynamic organization that offers experience, flexibility, specialization, lower costs.

Tier: Platinum

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Partner Type: Resells or distributes PTC solutions, Sells value added services around PTC solutions, Delivers and sells PTC University Training