AquamatiX Ltd.

AquamatiX Ltd.

Solution Provider for water, wastewater and environmental management. Real-time monitoring, control and optimization of water processes, networks and end-user applications, supporting energy efficiency, plant maintenance and operational performance management. Scalable from small private systems to large municipal networks.

WaterWorX is a SaaS (SCADA as a Service) platform for water management, a library of standard water things such as pumps, pumping systems, reservoirs, valves flow measurement, pressure control and treatment. It offers a platform capable of integrating process, networks and existing telemetry/SCADA systems using open standards.

AquamatiX is leading the smart water spearhead within the HyperCatCity business ecosystem, and are developing SWIM – a semantic ontology for smart water interoperability.  In addition to the IOT platform, we are developing a range of low-cost, battery-powered, wireless sensors for water level measurement and work with leading sensor and equipment companies to integrate their products and provide connectivity to cloud and distributed computing architectures.

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