PTC Global Support Drives Business Value for Customers

NEEDHAM, Mass. ― August 28, 2014 ― Confirming that progressive support strategies offer business value to both PTC and its customers, PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) today announced the company was named for the second consecutive year a "Top Ten Best Support Website" for 2014 by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP). This designation highlights the company's commitment to deliver a global support program focused on the customer experience to build stronger relationships and provide real value that drives business success.

PTC is delivering business value to its customers by re-engineering its Global Support program to move beyond a traditional software sales and maintenance transaction to one that helps its customers meet four key challenges:

  • Keeping ahead of their competition by delivering high quality products on time
  • Delivering software releases that are stable and reliable
  • Controlling costs by creating products that minimize the need for customization
  • Reducing security threats to intellectual property

According to Monica Schnitger, president of market research firm Schnitger Corp., "PTC realizes that getting their support offering right is good business practice and a competitive differentiator. A strong services offering gives PTC first insight into customer needs and ultimately builds stronger loyalty to the PTC brand, which makes it more difficult for a competitor to take the account."

PTC partnered with its customers to help guide the company’s support services direction by offering expertise and insight into the daily tasks, upgrades and migration challenges businesses face. Because of this customer feedback and involvement to develop something that fits their requirements, the usage of the eSupport Portal has increased 165% since the site was launched in 2013.

Brian Martin, from SGT Inc., is a senior mechanical engineer and application administrator at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and offers this insight about their use of the revamped PTC eSupport portal. "I've used PTC products for more than 22 years and am responsible for the deployment, support and administration of PTC software. PTC asked me to provide feedback on how to make the portal more usable and I'm pleased to see they implemented many of my suggestions. For example, it used to take hours to search for, review and understand support tickets, that can now be done in about 10 minutes because the information is available on one dashboard."

"Exceptional customer support is more than documented processes, technical support hotlines and a website," said Tony DiBona, executive vice president, global support, PTC. "We believe it's helping our customers through the entire support spectrum – from demonstrating how they can contribute to new product ideas in our online community, learning about specialized application features online or in live webcasts, and delivering support tools that are integrated right into PTC software. When that's been accomplished, we have delivered business value to our customers, which is what they need to be responsive ultimately to their customers."

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