Design and Build Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Rapidly design and build smart, connected medical devices that deliver greater value within health care networks. Accelerate innovation with industry-leading CAD, IoT and Augmented Reality solutions.

“We envision IoT enabling a hospital of the future based almost exclusively in the cloud. Digital healthcare market could see as much as $32.4 billion in near-term revenues.”

— Goldman Sachs, 2015

Design Control & Document Control For The Medical Device Industry

For today’s health IT and medical device professionals, the choice is clear: disrupt or be disrupted. Participants in the health care industry are realigning incentives, value chains and business models, as value-based reimbursement models are expected to surpass fee-for-service by 2020.

Whether this disruption is a threat or an opportunity depends on you. How quickly can your company capitalize on new opportunites to deliver more innovative and outcomes-based solutions? Success requires the ability to rapidly develop medical devices that are robust, secure, and interoperable within networked value chains.

Learn about IoT transformation at Carestream, a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions.

The World’s Leading IoT Platform

ThingWorx IoT Platform is the only enterprise-ready technology platform that enables medical innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions for the Internet of Things. With the ThingWorx IoT Development Platform, teams can efficiently prototype, create, test and deploy secure, enterprise-ready connected medical engineering solutions.

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ThingWorx IoT Platform

The Industry’s Leading 3D CAD Software

“Design Control & Document Control For The Medical Device Industry

We’re proud of the fact that PTC invented and first launched parametric CAD modeling software nearly 30 years ago. Today, medical innovators worldwide rely on our flagship CAD software to accelerate design through digital protypte and delivery of breatkthrough medical products.

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Innovate While Reducing Risk

Design Control & Document Control For The Medical Device Industry

ThingWorx is designed for interoperability, critical in the increasingly collaborative and networked world of health care systems. That allows you to deliver value in multi-tiered health care networks, while avoiding the disruption, risk and cost of a “rip-and-replace” approach.

  • Rapidly prototype and deploy medical engineering applications that monitor, manage and control connected devices
  • Leverage and extend your existing investments in ERP, PLM, MES and other systems through the use of application mashups
  • Engineer independent and secure connectivity between devices
  • Manage devices and sensors
  • Collect and analyze data from connected devices
  • Interoperate with health care value chains

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