Why Engineering Managers Should Standardize Their Calculations

As an engineering manager, you push your team to design the best products in the least amount of time, all the while improving product quality. But in the rush to get projects to market, you may be forgetting to invest in your future. Specifically, you may be failing to manage your engineering calculations.

We all know that mathematical calculations are vital—they make up the backbone of any well-executed project or product. In fact, when you think about it, engineering calculations made during product design make up your company’s intellectual property. Yet many managers fail to capture their IP and, as a result, fail to make a critical invest in tomorrow’s products.

Too bad, because top companies know that with the right tools and processes, you can reuse today’s work for even faster delivery on the next project.

“Successful product development companies effectively capture and protect their intellectual property (IP). IP includes the intangible assets that go into the development of a product and/or service. They are valuable in proving ownership and as well as providing leverage for future products. However, the analyses that support and validate those products and services are often stored on personal hard-drives, thumbdrives, and lab notebooks. This spread of data storage makes it challenging for companies to successfully manage the development of their IP. With increasing design complexity, it is crucial to document and capture key analyses used to determine which, how, and why design decisions were made.”– Standardizing Engineering Calculations in a Product Development System.

Standardizing engineering calculations is a best practice for efficiently capturing, storing, and reusing IP. Why would you spend time redesigning and recalculating a product when you could simply use leverage previous work?

Finding a solution that will allow you to expertly document calculations as you work is imperative. That’s why some of the top engineering managers in the world use PTC Mathcad. Our engineering math software acts as a powerful tool for communicating among departments, teams, or locations. Your engineering team can use it to formalize standards and processes so that individuals aren’t implementing their own calculations, layouts, or formats. Best of all, PTC Mathcad is a highly visual platform so anyone on the team can easily read and comprehend text and graphics.

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