Subscription Licensing Gives You More Math for Your Money

**Guest post by Mike Gayette**

Nobody likes hitting pause on a project or missing a deadline because a software package doesn’t have the tools you need. It’s worse when you find out the software can do the task, but your license doesn’t include the necessary features. Either you’re stuck digging out the credit card for an unexpected license upgrade, or you suffer through the project with inadequate tools.

To avoid the hassles of surprise purchases, PTC Subscription gives you more math features for your money. For PTC Mathcad users, it opens the door to costs savings for customizations. Here’s how you can get a jumpstart to being a PTC Mathcad power user.

Facing down a blank sheet is daunting

If you use PTC Mathcad through a perpetual license, you might already know there are full worksheet libraries covering a variety of disciplines for purchase on the PTC website. With PTC Subscription, you’ll get a select subset of those libraries so you can see their value for yourself.

How do worksheet libraries save you time? Here’s a quick example. A mechanical engineer loads a worksheet with calculations most common to their work. The pre-built nature of the worksheet makes it easy to use as a template. The basics are already there, and with only some minor tweaking, the team is ready to dive into the task at hand. No time is wasted recreating groundwork for every new job. That’s an ROI advantage you can’t afford to lose.

Can’t find a function? Create it!

While PTC Mathcad already comes with hundreds of built in functions, you still might not have every calculation you want or need in your work. Sometimes the best fix is to make your own.

If you need to define a function for a small project that uses a single worksheet, user-defined functions are perfect. They use more familiar notations and natural language that doesn’t require you to learn to code.

If you’re comfortable with programming and need to define a function that can be called across multiple worksheets, PTC Mathcad allows you to create and use custom functions. Instead of using natural language, they’re made of code that is compiled into DLL files, making them available each time PTC Mathcad is started. Those custom functions are then accessible in all your worksheets.

If you aren’t sure where to start, PTC Subscription also gives you access to the PTC Mathcad SDK, with API documentation and source code examples. Looking for something to turn mathematical curves into a PTC Creo model? A function to convert models into STL format for 3D printing? Or maybe you want to automate processes by using PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 integration? It’s all available to you to help you work more efficiently.

PTC Subscription extends to success

PTC Mathcad has most of the things you need most of the time. Still, we know there are occasions for special requirements. The bottom line is if you’re already operating under a perpetual license, moving to PTC Subscription gives you tools to do more work with PTC Mathcad in less time, all while saving money.


If you’re new to PTC Mathcad, download your free-for-life copy of PTC Mathcad Express and see for yourself why it’s the most powerful and adaptable engineering notebook.

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