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Isn’t it interesting that the most vital part of engineering is in fact the least organized and secure part of the manufacturing process? One wrong calculation can be the difference between a working product and a failed product. Completing these highly involved calculations with pen and paper is messy, chaotic and outdated. Additionally, this old-fashioned process does not allow sharing capabilities that are necessary in the high-tech engineering environment. Not to mention, this method is a high risk to your company and its precious intellectual property. Join us on February 4th for an inside look.

PTC Mathcad Gateway offers a solution to an archaic practice. PTC Mathcad Gateway is a calculation server that provides universal and secure access to your company’s certified engineering calculations at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Security: Your data is what differentiates you from your competitor, so why would you cut corners on protecting it? PTC Mathcad Gateway creates a secure hub for your company in which you can store, translate, and protect your most treasured intellectual property.

Collective Access: Long gone are the days of a traditional office, sitting at a desk 40 hours a week, locked in your cube. Today, the office is merely a structure the employees enter and exit as they please, and with PTC Mathcad Gateway engineers can work from home, a coffee shop, meetings, as easily as sitting at their desk. PTC Mathcad Gateway is accessible on almost any device and provides user flexibility that rival products cannot offer.

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