PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 Is Here!

We’ve been talking for months about the release of PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0, and now it’s finally here!

We’ve got a few things to tell you about the latest version of our engineering calculation software. But if you want to skip ahead and download it yourself, here’s the link.

What’s in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0?

There are many improvements in this release, but the three you’ll want to start using right away in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 are content protection, equation breaking, and embedded objects.

Content protection: You can now designate an area in a worksheet, collapse, and/or lock it. That way, others can’t “leverage” or change your work. This protects your work, even when your calculations travel outside your own walls. Read more details here.

Collapse menu in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 hides content when needed.

Embedded objects: People don’t just use PTC Mathcad to calculate and solve engineering problems. They also use it to communicate their work clearly. Now, to make your documentation even richer, you can embed objects like Visio files or PowerPoint slides into your worksheet.  This way, you can incorporate content created with other applications into your Mathcad worksheet and have direct access to the content through activating the object.   Find out more here.

embedded Visio object in Mathcad Engineering Notebook

You can embed objects, like this Visio file in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0.

Equation breaking: Another way to keep your math documentation tidy is to use the new equation breaking capability in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0. Not only is wrapping equations possible, but it’s easy and flexible so anyone can easily follow your work. You can structure the length of an equation to fit within the bounds typically viewed on a page. You can even split shorter equations onto separate lines to make them easier to read. Learn more here.

An equation without break, runs off the edge of the worksheet.

Equation without wrapping, leaving some of the math out of view.

 Equation with wrapping is easier to read.

The same equation with wrapping enabled, showing the entire equation within view.

See a Demo and Hear from Our Expert

If you’ve got more questions, or want to see a demo, we highly recommend our upcoming webinar, “What’s New in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0.”  Join Luke Westbrook, Mathcad Technical Specialist, to:  

  • Explore the power of content protection.  Share your work with the full confidence that sensitive content won’t be exposed. 
  • See the increased interoperability with 3rd party applications
  • Get an overview of performance enhancements and improved usability

Why wait? Get Started with PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 today!

Ready to find out more? Visit the PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 page to learn more about what’s in this release, how to join the webinar, and where to download your copy today.

Download PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 now!