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Written By: Mike Gayette
  • Math Software
  • 6/21/2017

Do you know you can now buy PTC Mathcad on Amazon?


Accessing licenses via the popular website not only saves you time, it’s super convenient. For example, suppose you’re up against a project deadline and need extra help. You hire contractors, but soon realize you’re short on PTC Mathcad seats. And it’s after business hours.


Good news! You can log into Amazon and buy those licenses instantly. Here’s how it works.


  • Go to the purchase page at this link. Choose up to five PTC Mathcad Professional annual subscription licenses. (Tip: If you need more, just place more than one order.)
  • You manage licenses purchased on Amazon through the Game and Software Library, which is accessible through your account.
  • Activate the licenses by linking the Amazon account to a PTC account.
  • Assign licenses according to your needs. If you buy multiple licenses and need to disperse them to other users, simply assign a license to each user’s email address.


PTC Mathcad has the natural math notation and other features your engineers count on. So you create calculations that are not only accurate, but also clear and professional looking,  like this:

Sample page from PTC Mathcad

If you find yourself or your team in a licensing crunch, don’t fall back to those old documents and convoluted Excel formulas. Head over to Amazon and pick up the licenses you need at your convenience. 


 Buy PTC Mathcad on Amazon




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