Mathcad A-Z: E is for Excel

Did you know that there are many ways to import data from Excel to Mathcad? In Mathcad 15 and earlier versions, you can use the Excel Component or Data Import Wizard to import data.

The data can then be embedded in your worksheet, so that you can edit the data directly in Mathcad.


An excel table imported into Mathcad

Use Mathcad to analyze and visualize the data.


Functions work exactly the same


You can graph the imported data, too.

The Mathcad Add-In for Excel lets you add Mathcad calculations and plots to your Excel worksheets with full access to worksheet data.

Mathcad 15 also offers a number of functions for bringing in data from Excel.

Mathcad Prime 1.0

In Mathcad Prime 1.0, the new READEXCEL function combines the preview and selection capabilities of the Data Import Wizard with the batch facilities of a function.


The READEXCEL function in action

The function can be edited for batch processing a number of data files.


Automated importation works!