Protect Valuable Engineering Calculations with PTC Mathcad

If you’re asked to list the intellectual property (IP) your company produces and protects, will engineering calculations be on the list? It should be.

Your engineers work hard to design and build quality products and ship them on time. It’s a journey that often starts with brainstorming and whiteboards. And math is at the core of it all.

The calculations that go into product development are more than just high-level arithmetic. They’re the result of hours of creativity, experimentation, testing, and retesting. The applications range from fluid properties to supercar gear ratios to new musical instruments.

Protecting your IP from creation to market and beyond isn’t an easy problem to solve. Where does engineering math software fit into the equation? That’s how PTC can help. We’ve created a six point infographic checklist illustrating key decision points to think about when you’re looking for engineering calculation software. We won’t repeat the full text of it here, but the bullets are User Interface, Calculation Support, Natural Math Notation, Units Conversion, Comprehensive Documentation, and Data Input/Output. All those features combine to make for an engineering tool that helps you power development in your market. Watch our video for a quick look:

It’s no secret PTC Mathcad excels in all six areas of the checklist. But that’s just the start. Not only will PTC Mathcad become your go-to engineering notebook, it also integrates into your existing design environments. PTC Mathcad can use calculations in its worksheets to drive the parameters in your Creo models. And when you make changes to a model, those changes are reflected in the PTC Mathcad worksheet.

What if you’re using SolidWorks instead? PTC Mathcad drives those models, too.

And there are more advantages with PTC Mathcad. It works with PTC Subscription, erasing the administrative hassles of tracking users and licensing. And because it’s a subscription, you avoid the headache of capital expenses for software. It’s simpler to wrap your software subscription into monthly operational expenses rather than bulky annual purchases. And under PTC Subscription, you get the added eLearning modules through PTC University to speed up training.

Building a powerhouse design shop

Engineering math software should be intuitive, should show calculations in an easy-to-read format, and should have specific formulas and materials for your industry. It should also measurably increase productivity through integration and documentation, resulting in a shorter time to market and increased profits. PTC Mathcad brings all that to the table, giving you tools to create and protect valuable intellectual property. Add in PTC Subscription, PTC University, and Creo and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse design shop.

Keep our six point infographic as a handy reference while you shop around. And remember that engineering math software isn’t only a stand alone application. It needs to harmonize with your larger production machine. We’re confident you’ll love all the ways PTC Mathcad works both individually and as part of the larger PTC family.

When you’re ready to see for yourself how PTC Mathcad helps you create and protect intellectual property, follow the link to download your free-for-life copy of PTC Mathcad Express and find out why it’s the most powerful and adaptable engineering notebook.