Get the Comforts of Home with Subscription

The great architect and inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller said once: “I’m not a genius. I’m a tremendous bundle of experience."

Here at PTC we want to share our experience with you. We want you to benefit not only from the math power of the software but also from the other products and worksheet libraries that gather years of experience with PTC Mathcad. This is the reasons why we have created the PTC Mathcad Subscription Bundles.

You can look at this bundle from two different angles. One of them is the Subscription side of things, which gives you all the advantages of a subscription based license where you have less costly upfront investment, software bundled with support and access to upgrades and new versions. The other one is the PTC Mathcad side where things go in two different directions.

There are two types of bundles:
• PTC Mathcad Floating Subscription Bundle
• PTC Mathcad Locked Subscription Bundle

These bundles include things like Custom Functions, Worksheet Libraries, eLearning, Home Use Licenses and much more. In one of our previous blogs we’ve talked about eLearning and the advantages of having access to online training. This time I would like to tell you a few things about Home Use License (HUL).

Home Use offers the flexibility to allow employees to use PTC Mathcad at home. A Home Use license is a locked license that is restricted to the same user or users that are accessing the purchased license, and are to be installed on a personal computer that is not located or used in the workspace of a company. This way you can continue working on your projects from the comfort of your home without having to be connected to the company’s network. Using the home license provides the same functionality as the one that you are using in the office and you don’t have to worry about any restrictions or not being able to include the work done at home into your professional context.

The difference between the floating and the locked bundles, when it comes to Home Use Licenses, is made by the number of home licenses included in each bundle. The Float bundle includes 3 HUL’s and the Locked bundle includes 2 HUL’s.

So if you are thinking about getting PTC Mathcad for you or your engineers, or if you already have Mathcad perpetual licenses but you would like to move to the subscription licensing model, the Mathcad Subscription Bundles provides you with a complete suite of tools and resources, that enables you to increase your engineering department’s efficiency.