Digital Engineering Pick of the Week: PTC Mathcad 4.0

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From today's Digital Engineering :

“Venerable” can be a tricky word. It’s meant to convey great respect due someone or something because of their wisdom, skills and sterling character, but it often seems flopped out there to assuage old faculty members and actors being shuffled out to pasture. Yet, in its best sense, no better word than venerable describes the toolset in focus as today’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

PTC Mathcad Prime engineering math software has 30-something years of continuous development and field use that has honed its features. From the beginning, it has been the digital version of the engineer’s notebook where you create engineering calculations, convert units, and validate and document your handiwork.

PTC recently released PTC Mathcad Prime version 4.0, and this toolset shows no sign of letting up with improved and expanded capabilities across its major features whether mathematical notations, units intelligence and plotting, graphing and so on. Version 4.0’s enhancements sound like they should improve the software’s overall performance while helping you build and share calculations with third parties and across applications more smoothly.

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