Five Surprising Things You Find in Engineering Math Software

Written By: Mike Gayette

Engineering math software is fundamentally about problem-solving. Drafting pencils, a T-square, and graph paper helps you design a bridge or a vehicle, but not at the pace required by today’s markets. Then again, calculators and spreadsheets work quickly too.

So what makes math software any different?

Engineering math software removes the arduous handwritten calculations and even redundant tasks. It can remove potential embarrassment, too. Plus, it lays out your calculations in an attractive, easy-to-read format.


Complex calculation presented in PTC Mathcad

Maybe you already knew all that.

But engineering math software has more tricks that may surprise you. We’ve picked out five lesser known, yet powerful features, available in modern software packages that can help you create accurate work, save time, and with confidence.  


Automatically run calculations on schedule

You have a specific calculation to run and report daily at a specific time. Instead of setting a reminder to do it manually, why not create a scheduled task in Windows that runs it for you? With some math worksheet configuration, a bit of Visual Basic script (already downloadable and ready to go), you just let the task run and look for the report results. The time savings in these small conveniences add up quickly.


    A task scheduler in the math software can launch an action at a regular time or day.

Find roots, algorithmically and symbolically

You already know how to find roots in complex functions. What if you could use a simple software tool to find the roots for you? Further, you can use algorithms to find all the roots of a polynomial at one time. Type in a few instructions and let the software do the work for you. Engineering math software can let you do this with natural math notation. It’s easier for you and your team to write and understand. We all know the pain of deciphering complex equations in Excel.


Simple example of symbolic root finding


Secure your work

Documenting engineering notes and calculations so you and your team can reference them is sound practice. But what if you need to share notes without leaving intellectual property open to prying eyes? It’s an easy fix. Use the content protection to hide the sections that nobody outside your organization should see. If hiding isn’t enough, lock it down with a secure password.  Now you can share without jeopardizing company secrets.

Provide common calculations

If you work in a specialized field, you use some equations and units of measure frequently. Do you type them every single time you use them? If you answered yes, there is good news. You can avoid rote tasks each time you start a new project.  Engineering math software often comes with worksheets built for specific disciplines. Load the worksheet, and you have ready access to all the common units, calculations, and materials you need.

Play nicely with others

Tired of engineering notes that are siloed away? What you need is math software that integrates with other industry-standard applications. Imagine the productivity boost when CAD models and math worksheets talk to each other. Changes in the CAD model geometry immediately update calculations in the math worksheets, and vice versa. The result is more efficient design and testing, leading to higher quality products and faster time to market.

If haven’t tried engineering math software before see how these tools might improve workflows in your work. Go to our Mathcad Express download page, get your free-for-life copy of Mathcad, and try them for yourself.  

Finding Answers with PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad is engineering math software that helps you perform, analyze, and share all your most vital calculations. Engineers at ground-breaking companies use it, and now you can try your own free-for life-version and see what this powerful math software can do for you. Download PTC Mathcad Express today.

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