Five Hilarious Math Videos (this is not a typo)

Written By: Cat McClintock

Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?

 He’ll stop at nothing to avoid them.


 But seriously folks, who doesn’t love a good math joke? We certainly do and spent some time reading quite a few (it’s called “research”) for this post. But, this post isn’t about jokes – even better – it’s about funny math-flavored videos we’ve hunted down that we think our readers (from engineers to scientists to math gurus) will find as funny as we did. Here’s a roundup of some the best we found. (And remember, never read the comments on YouTube. Ever.)

 Math professor pranks students

Math lectures can be a bit dry. Math professors know this as they dole out stats, formulas, and heaps of numbers. But this professor? For April Fools, he pranked his students with a funny presentation screen joke. We won’t ruin it here but let’s just say that the student that got up and left half-way through? Her number is probably up.

Math is hard

Who remembers Blackadder in the 1980s? If you haven’t watched it during the past 30 years, this clip illustrates why it was such a laugh riot. In the sketch, we get a lesson in teaching advanced math using beans. (We were relieved that we knew the correct answers.)

Bad math on screen

We love movie bloopers and mistakes, like a wristwatch in a gladiator movie or a camera crew reflected in a window. This video shows how bad math has easily made it into movies, TV shows and the news. Wizard of Oz, Shrek, Pi, and Star Trek? Guilty.

But wait, there’s more math movie bloopers

Let’s say you’re writing or directing a sci-fi movie. Chances are there’s going to be a math component. Because it’s a sci-fi movie, right? And you’d think the math part would be nailed down, right? Oh so wrong. (But very funny.)


Ma and Pa Kettle, math geniuses
Ma and Pa Kettle (in the movie Ma and Pa Kettle on the Farm) show some city slicker trying to pull a fast one that’s there’s more than one way to divide 25 by 5 and divide the money they’re owed equally. The clip is so famous (and hilarious) that it’s made it into some school curriculums.  


Who wants to be a zeronaire?
If you’re good at math, you’ll do fine in life. But if you’re lousy at math and you find yourself on a gameshow where the question will win you $15,000 – and the question is math related? Take a deep breath. And just guess the answer.


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