Introducing ThingWorx 8

Introducing ThingWorx 8

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ThingWorx 8 makes it easier and faster to:

  • Connect with industrial machines and source data
  • Source data from IoT cloud providers
  • Analyze data to learn normal behavior and receive alerts regarding any deviation
  • Create and deliver rich, hands-free augmented reality experiences



"ThingWorx 8 is going to fundamentally change the way that people interact with the physical and digital worlds around them.”

- Mike Campbell, Executive Vice President of the ThingWorx Platform

Take your business to the next level

ThingWorx 8 is how IoT projects get built. What can your enterprise know? What can your enterprise do? With ThingWorx 8, if you can dream it, you can build it.

ThingWorx 8 is a purpose-built platform for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) that enables you to quickly build and deploy new apps and augmented reality (AR) experiences. By combining unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and agility with the largest partner network in IoT, ThingWorx 8 has everything you need to make IoT work for your business.

What sets ThingWorx 8 apart from other industrial IoT platforms?

Take your business to the next level

ThingWorx 8 is purpose-built for Industrial IoT

The ThingWorx Platform contains specific functionality designed for industrial businesses – such as native industrial connectivity, anomaly detection and a model-based development environment.

Rapidly create and deploy Apps and Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Thingworx 8 makes developing & delivering Apps and immersive industrial AR experiences at scale easier by leveraging innovative digital twin technology throughout the platform.

Vibrant Partner Ecosystem

ThingWorx 8 has one of the largest networks of industrial IoT focused companies in the world.

Ultimate Flexibility

ThingWorx 8 can be deployed in a variety of ways – in the cloud, on site, or with a hybrid approach – and integrates a wide-range of data sources into apps and AR experiences.

2017 Partner of the Year Awards

Try & Buy

Thingworx 8 is the leading purpose-built industrial IoT platform that empowers you to quickly build smart, connected products, operations, and solutions.

See for yourself the power of ThingWorx platform through any of the following free trials:

ThingWorx Developer Portal

Connect anything and everything including devices, sensors and systems to quickly build impactful solutions.

Start Building Today

ThingWorx Studio

Quickly create, deploy and consume compelling AR experiences that help you improve your products and operations.

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ThingWorx Navigate

With access to the latest, most accurate product information, your organization can make better product decisions and improve development.

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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

Built on ThingWorx, these role-based starter apps solve common problems in the factory and empower you to remotely monitor servers and reduce downtime.

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Take a deeper dive into ThingWorx 8

Since launching ThingWorx 8, PTC has hosted several live and virtual events to explore in depth the new features and functionality of our industrial IoT platform.

With ThingWorx 8, your organization can quickly and easily connect devices and systems, normalize and analyze data, implement applications and user interfaces, manage and remotely control devices, and deliver new types of experiences through technologies like augmented reality – all on a secure and scalable architecture.

Learn about the new features and functionality that enable you to:

  • Optimize business processes
  • Drive new revenue streams
  • Improve customer experience
  • Differentiate your product and service offerings from the competition

Watch a complete presentation to learn why ThingWorx 8 is the fastest way for industrial companies to unlock the value of physical digital convergence.

Customer Success

PTC Customer Success helps companies master the industrial IoT!
With deep domain expertise and a constant focus on driving results at every stage, PTC Customer Success ensures that companies quickly bridge the gap between vision and value.

We’ve created the following Success Management, Implementation, and Adoption Services to support a swift adoption and drive business outcomes from ThingWorx 8:

Success Plan

Take full advantage of ThingWorx on Day One with a unique package of services including proactive guidance from a Success Manager and Rapid Outcomes.

View Success Plans

ThingWorx 8 Enablement Service

Combine hands-on training, onsite workshops, and mentoring to help you ramp up on new technology under the guidance of our platform experts.

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ThingWorx Accelerated PoC Service

Drive strategic use cases from ideas to demonstration in just one week.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level. Get Built with ThingWorx 8.

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