Time to Take Your Business to New Heights

Augmented Reality is the future of the industrial workforce. Here’s why.

We hope you had fun experiencing Augmented Reality (AR) for yourself!

Using the ARPLANE, we wanted to show you the power of merging the physical and digital worlds in order to communicate contextual information to your frontline workers.

By “connecting” your workers to their surroundings, AR helps to drive significant improvements to their performance and productivity levels. AR is the future of the industrial workforce and If you haven’t considered it, here are several reasons why you should.

AR Revolutionizes Training and Knowledge Transfer


Our ARPLANE experience posed a simple task of remembering four important parts of the aircraft. Did you know AR can help users retain new information 50% faster? Find out why IDC believes AR is expediting training and knowledge transfer in this new paper.

Augmented reality training and knowledge transfer

AR Drives Measurable Improvements to Service

Reducing Service Costs with Augmented Reality

AR-powered step-by-step work instructions make following tasks significantly easier. In the ARPLANE experience you saw how to change an engine oil filter—now apply that scenario to your business and you have more first-time fixes and less truck rolls! Find out why AR is driving down Service costs in our new eBook.

AR Pays for Itself. Quickly.


AR is pretty cool, huh? In bringing the ARPLANE to life, you managed to transfer a lot of new information to yourself in a short period of time. AR also delivers significant ROI quickly. Find out about AR’s ROI and payback period from Forrester Research interviewing four of our customers.

Forrester augmented reality study

Industrial Organizations (Like Yours!) Are Already Benefitting

digital workforce augmented reality howden hololens

Howden – a century old manufacturer of industrial products – leveraged their existing 3D CAD models to create step-by-step mixed reality instructions that allow customers to prevent the challenges and costs associated with unplanned downtime. Find out more in this video.

Find Out What AR Can Do for Your Business

Our augmented reality experts know exactly where AR can bring the most value to your organization.

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