IoT Solutions for Power and Energy The energy market is undergoing a major transformation. In addition to growing demand, the world is moving away from centrally generated nuclear and fossil fuel electricity towards distributed renewable energy resources like solar, hydro and wind.

Smart Power and Energy

With ThingWorx, you can deliver transformative value in connectivity, energy efficiency, security, safety and operations to solve common problems like:

  • Grid stability and reliability: increase renewable contribution while improving uptime
  • High cost of service: reduce operating and maintenance costs with remote monitoring and predicative maintenance
  • Real-time energy information communication: keep customers informed and engaged with usage analysis and historical data
  • New revenue streams: deliver new products and/or services to your customers

Power and Energy Solutions from Thingworx Partners

  • DeviceLynk built a solution to connect remote assets, monitor them (and other power infrastructures) and deliver timely, actionable information.
  • DEPSys, via their product GridEye, offers a smart grid solution to monitor, control and optimize low to medium voltage power networks. Read the DEPsys Case Study.
  • DvM Technology built a solution to accurately monitor and analyze energy consumption via smart meters.

IoT for Energy

Learn how IoT can help utilities and energy stakeholders coordinate analysis and action among diverse grid devices and energy production equipment, as well as monitor and solve problems on the grid in real time.

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Smart Power and Energy Opportunity

By 2020, the global demand for smart grid communications, including hardware and software components, is expected to surpass $400 billion.

With ThingWorx, you can develop IoT solutions for:

  • Distributed energy resources management
  • Centralized system monitoring and intelligence
  • Smart grid operations
  • Demand response and net-metering programs

We provide a real-time system for measurement, monitoring, stabilization, and organization of the electrical grid. We built it using the ThingWorx platform and are looking towards energy transition for the future.

Marc Schreiber, Marketing Director, DEPSys


Read the DEPsys Case Study

IoT Platforms Enable Smart Power and Energy Solutions

Improve grid safety and reliability by collecting more accurate and reliable information. With the ThingWorx IoT platform, IoT solutions can be deployed to provide:

  • Centralized, transparent system monitoring
  • Management and optimization of grid components and systems (SCADA, Volt/VAR monitoring, asset condition/health)
  • Edge device management, analytics and anomaly detection
  • AR experiences to better visualize energy generation and demand, health of critical components, workforce training and supply chain logistics

ThingWorx Supports Smart City Initiatives

Smart Cities Brochure

Learn how the ThingWorx platform and partner ecosystem enables the rapid delivery of game changing smart city IoT solutions

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