Connected Store

To succeed in today’s highly competitive retail market, retailers are increasingly turning to the latest innovations in in-store technology to make smarter, data-driven decisions, drive new levels of customer engagement, and improve the overall shopping experience.

By connecting physical items in the store to the internet and leveraging RFID technology, camera tracking, POS devices and more, retailers can obtain direct insight into buyer behavior to know which products convert into sales and why.

PTC’s ThingWorx Retail Connected Store platform connects in-store data from technology partners to help brands understand customer traffic patterns, optimize product assortment and store layout, and better predict in-store staffing needs.

In addition to improving store performance, retailers can now leverage FlexPLM to feed store insights directly into the design and product development process, resulting in products that are more in-line with customer demand.

Adding PTC’s ThingWorx® platform to the NCR portfolio strengthens the services lifecycle management capabilities to be more proactive and predictive in nature. This enables our customers near real-time insights to help minimize their IT spend and elevate their consumer experience.

-Venkat Ramamurthy, General Manager, Digital Connected Services Portfolio and Commercialization, NCR Corporation

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PTC’s ThingWorx Retail Connected Store platform helps retailers converge physical and digital channels to provide the continuous engagement and experience that their customers expect.