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To be able to quickly react to market trends, have the agility internally and within the supply chain to deliver on those trends, and ensure the perfect product quality, fit and overall sustainability is extremely challenging. Getting this wrong can lead to missing fast trends, or lots of unsold inventory due to underperforming collections.

PTC specializes in working with some of the world’s largest and most-complex retailers and multi-brand fashion groups to address these pressures.


How do we do this? Our Retail Innovation Platform covers Ideation, 3D, PLM, IoT, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality and is being leveraged by other global retailers to:

  • Provide a single source of truth and secure global collaboration across the value chain to improve business efficiency, speed to market, margin, and product innovation and quality.
  • Avoid costly overstocked inventory by incorporating consumer feedback into the product development process. Apply machine learning to predict which product features will yield higher revenues.
  • Integrate market leading 3D technologies to reduce the number of physical samples and significantly improve product quality and fit. Take 3D to the next level by creating powerful AR experiences in Vuforia.
  • Improve margins by exposing cost risks early on and address them via What-If scenario analysis.
  • Leverage our IoT technology for tighter integration between PLM and the supply chain. Incorporate supplier KPIs from other systems such as ERP for better sourcing decisions.
  • Gain retail store data in real-time to better understand customer engagement and sales. Feed this data back into PLM for merchants, designers and developers to improve the assortment.
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