Transform Manufacturing with Industrial IoT

Maximize efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve product quality. Discover the benefits of smart, connected operations with the ThingWorx IoT platform.

Select the IIoT Platform That’s Purpose-Built for Rapid Operational Improvements

You’re pursuing lower costs and greater efficiencies, while improving product quality and customer satisfaction. Industrial IoT platforms promise the ability to transform how you create, manage and service products. PTC has become the leader in industrial IoT with the ThingWorx platform. Learn how the right industrial IoT platform can help you transform your operations—with a short-term ROI and limitless potential to innovate into the future.

Explore ThingWorx, the IoT Platform Built for Digital Transformation

You need end-to-end industrial IoT capabilities—from connectivity and machine learning, to real-time operational dashboards and augmented reality. You require the flexibility to operate on-premise, at the edge and in the cloud. The ability to wrap-and-extend legacy applications is a critical requirement, as rip and replace is not an option. And IoT success depends upon delivering solutions in the near-term—not in some distant fiscal quarter.

Enter ThingWorx, the IoT platform custom-tuned for delivering immediate real-time insights from your manufacturing operations. Build on a flexible, secure platform that will reduce your time-to-value today, while supporting your industrial IoT strategy into the future.


Explore our End-to-End IIoT Capabilities

Measure the value of our IIoT platform through a suite of core capabilities: connect, build, manage, analyze and experience.

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ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps
Deploy ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps in minutes to gain role-based insights into factory operations and KPIs.

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Transform Your Shop Floor

Whether you’re a controls engineer, maintenance lead, production or plant manager, ThingWorx can enhance how you can do your job. See How Elisa is using ThingWorx to deliver game-changing Smart Factory solutions.


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Learn how Colfax continues to expand its digital capabilities and more with ThingWorx and Azure.

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PTC and Rockwell Automation Announce Strategic Partnership
Rockwell Automation is PTC's strategic partner for all Smart Connect Operations factory solutions.

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Turn on IoT in Your Factory: Try Free ThingWorx Apps

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are lightweight, easy to deploy and won’t disrupt existing operations. They won’t change what you do; they’ll help you do them better.