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For over 25 years, PTC has delivered end-to-end solutions to global medical device manufacturers. As a company, we employ just over 6,000 people. We serve a growing list of customers and partners in both the medical device and life science industries. To date, PTC and our partner network serve eight of the top ten global medical device companies and over 50 mid-sized companies.

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PTC’s top Medical Device customers include:

  • Elekta, advances their connected service and product offerings. This new initiative represents the next step in Elekta’s connected service strategy, expanding beyond the Elekta IntelliMax™ program for remote service that increased equipment uptime and allowed 20% of service issues to be resolved without dispatching a technician.

  • Philips, global leader in medical technology employs over 100,000 and reports $30 billion in revenue.

  • Medtronic Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) division combats product complexity and while adhering to strict FDA requirements.  

  • Medtronic, uses remote service monitoring and preventative maintenance to improve patient outcomes.

  • CVRx, a medium-sized Minnesota company pioneering new implants to monitor and treat high blood pressure.

  • Stryker Endoscopy, who implemented PLM for improved traceability to smooth the FDA auditing process.

  • Sysmex, who use augmented reality to help field engineers more easily maintain equipment.


    Turn Regulatory Challenges into Opportunities 

    The regulatory landscape is getting more complex, requiring compulsory processes to address various standards and regulations. PTC solutions help companies comply with these regulations and submit the right data to regulatory bodies.

  • ISO standards: Meeting ISO quality standards – particularly ISO 13485 – is essential to success in the European medical device market.

  • FDA: Many manufacturers are transitioning from reactive compliance document to proactive quality management as supported by the FDA Case for Quality.

  • EU MDR: All life sciences innovators are planning for regulatory submissions to meet deadlines set by the EU MDR (European Union Medical Regulation).  

  • In addition we offer:

  • Full service: We will help you deploy, tailor, and expand your solution to meet your needs today and well into the future.

  • Industry specific partner network: Our partners include USDM,  KalypsoReliacore, and Cognizant.



    To effectively navigate this landscape, medical device manufacturers must transform their product development practices. Our approach to serving global medical device companies is simple and comprehensive. Our Windchill Product Quality solution covers every aspect of product development across your product design, manufacturing, post-market surveillance and service departments. Moreover, it incorporates best practices for ensuring compliance. Plus, as a solution available via subscription, it addresses the changing needs of today’s businesses.

    Contact us to find out how PTC helps you be more collaborative and compliant while improving quality and time-to-market.

With IoT platform integration and a 'Closed-Loop Lifecycle Management', PTC has built cutting-edge, industry-leading technologies to cater to the PLM needs of its customers. With its strong overall performance, PTC has earned Frost & Sullivan‘s 2015 Global IoT PLM Technology Leadership Award.

— Frost & Sullivan    

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