Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Solutions

Know how your deployed products are performing and deliver promising patient outcomes—all while controlling costs, driving revenue, and satisfying changing regulatory requirements.

Reinvent Your Medical Device Service Strategy with Remote Service

In today's environment, delivering efficient and effective service is more important than ever. Take your services to a new level, both remotely and in-person, by utilizing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and augmented reality (AR).

Watch this short video to discover how remote service is transforming outcome-based healthcare by helping to prevent and solve issues remotely, guide customers through self-service, and equip technicians with remote diagnostics.

Check out Top Three Ways Remote Service is Transforming Outcome-Based Healthcare to learn more.

Knowledge is power with IoT in healthcare

Whether for revenue generation, cost control, risk management or regulatory compliance, knowing how your products are performing is no longer an option. Use the Internet of Medical Things to take your business to the next level.


Implement remote condition monitoring

Enable your deployed systems to tell you they need help, before they’re out of compliance or experiencing unexpected downtime.

Support audit-readiness

Put system performance data at your fingertips. Be a hero when it comes to internal and customer regulatory affairs.

Make service a profit center

Leverage connectivity to maximize uptime, offer remote service, reduce truck rolls, eliminate “no problem found” calls, and make your technicians more effective in the field.

Reimagine your service model

Eliminate reactive, high-cost, break/fix service. Predict issues before they escalate, create remote experts, offer remote service, and reduce your dependence on a field service force.

Earn competitive differentiation and grow revenue

Use IoMT connectivity to offer new service agreements or new ways of doing business. Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) gives customers flexibility and makes you a partner in their success.

Build value with usage data from the IoMT

Know how your customers use your products and how they perform. Deliver unparalleled service and the right products with market-leading effectiveness.

Optimize service delivery
Drive Service Financial Performance
Grow Revenue in the Value Chain
Create New Business Models
Make Service More Valuable
Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Optimize service delivery

Re-think depending on a field-deployed service team. Diagnose/repair issues remotely and help with user self-service to save cost, improve satisfaction and speed resolution.

Drive Service Financial Performance

Get visibility and the capabilities to repair remotely, enable better customer self-service and improve FTFR. Bring aftermarket profitability to new levels with the Internet of Medical Things.

Grow Revenue in the Value Chain

Capitalize on revenue opportunities in a value chain connected by the IoMT. Improve customer lifetime value, increase throughput, and maximize service revenue.

Create New Business Models

Your customers may now have CapEx limitations. Connectivity and visibility powered by IoT data can offer new flexibility in how business gets done.

Make Service More Valuable

Service can be a value-driving differentiator when you can prove it’s worth it. Prove how paying more can deliver more profit for your customers.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

How much revenue and profit comes from business after the original sale? Optimize those high profit revenue streams with visibility provided by the Internet of Medical Things.

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3 Revenue Boosting Outcomes of Connected Business Models for Medical Device Manufacturers

As we enter the “next normal,” leveraging Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)- and AR-driven solutions to increase revenue and optimize business transactions between medical device manufacturers and end users is a necessity.

IoMT case studies

Learn about the value peer companies have earned by implementing Internet of Medical Things technology.


Connectivity from the IoMT helps IVD leader prove their equipment can be run without a CLIA-certified technician—opening the market and bringing diagnostics closer to the patient.

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Ultra-high resolution microscopy maker moves from reactive to predictive maintenance, significantly improving mean-time-to-repair, service costs and uptime for users.

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Global automotive OEM responds to an unexpected community need, shifting to PPE production and deploying Internet of Medical Things solutions in record time

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Radiation medicine leader uses insights from real-time IoMT data to transform their service strategy – allowing them to avoid downtime, improve uptime, and build customer trust

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A leading innovator of in-vitro diagnostics enhances their customer support models by leveraging IoT-enabled remote condition monitoring to capture, monitor, and analyze real-time global data.

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IoMT technologies and more to help you succeed

Improve your business resilience today (to prepare for tomorrow)

For bioMérieux, a leading diagnostics solutions supplier, the ability to adapt to the “new normal” of the global pandemic was critical. Globally, laboratories, and hospitals rely on their COVID-19 tests, making service and support more important than ever.

In the recent webinar, Patrick Lethenet, VP, R&D System Development and IT Solutions, discussed the critical role that the IoMT plays for the company.

Learn from bioMérieux’s experience implementing a remote condition monitoring service strategy to deliver customer support throughout the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.