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IoT Transforms Manufacturing


Precision-engineered medical devices are only successful if manufactured with consistent quality to required specifications. Without seamless hand-off from engineering to the factory floor, details get lost – and details matter. That’s why an integrated approach to manufacturing medical devices is so essential to improving patient outcomes.

The IoT Transforms Manufacturing

From eBOM to mBOM

The PTC advantage for medical device manufacturers starts with seamless eBOM to mBOM transfer. This helps ensure that manufacturing specifications are defined, verified, authorized, and version-controlled.

And that’s just the beginning. With PTC manufacturing solutions, you can:

  • Gain closed-loop insight and oversight into manufacturing processes
  • Automate best practices for medical product design transfer, to seamlessly transfer from eBOM to mBOM
  • Get an early warning into manufacturing nonconformances—in time to make a difference in business outcomes
  • Document and analyze CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) plans
  • Make better factory floor decisions, based on real-world insight
  • Mange independent Bills of Materials for engineering and manufacturing, to ensure that each group can access the appropriate version of product configurations
  • Leverage lessons learned into the next manufacturing or engineering iteration
  • Ensure SOP and process governance are harmonized; track and manage training

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