Augmented Reality in Electronics & High-Tech

From factory and field service to sales and marketing, Vuforia augmented reality solutions are proving business value in the electronics and high-tech industry

Augmented Reality Solutions in Electronics & High-Tech

Between rapid innovation, increased product customization, and global operations, electronics and high-tech leaders depend upon the quality of their workforce and products. As technology continues to advance, the production machinery becomes more complex and complicated to operate and maintain. While uptime is a critical requirement, it can be sabotaged by poor instructions and inadequate training—resulting in costly mistakes and slow maintenance times.

Vuforia AR solutions enable domain experts to create scalable augmented reality content to empower maintenance technicians with contextual knowledge in real-world environments. High-tech manufacturing and service organizations can leverage innovative AR technology to optimize change over, reduce downtime and decrease scrap.

Fujitsu Case Study

Fujitsu created engaging AR experiences with Vuforia Studio for its sales team to demonstrate virtual products in 3D in a customer’s environment. Read more to see how they saved costs, shortened sales cycles, and improved customer satisfaction.

Delivering Operational Excellence

Best-in-class service management leaders are sharing a prevalent commonality: Aggressive investment in augmented reality. Watch this webcast to see how AR can be the perfect solution to address service challenges facing a multitude of industries like electronics and high technology.

IDC Explores the Business Value of AR

Augmented reality isn't technology that's coming someday soon. It's here now, and it's driving real use cases in service and manufacturing that are transforming industries today and in the very near future. Read this free IDC report to see where the electronics and high-tech industry could benefit from the most popular and impactful use cases for AR technology.

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