Service Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers Improve service levels while reducing costs. Improve service provider effectiveness with high-quality content, just-in-time service parts management and remote/onsite decision support.

Software Solutions for Medical Device Innovators

Lessons from Service Leaders

Medical manufacturing leaders can achieve faster and cheaper service responses. Investment in remote service eliminates dispatch costs while improving device up-time. Predictive service avoids unplanned downtime and service effort. Effective service parts planning avoids downtime by ensuring the right parts are available at the right location. Connected field service gives technicians the product- and part-specific instructions and coaching needed to improve first-time-fix rates.

Medtronic uses remote service monitoring and preventive maintenance to improve patient outcomes.

From Cost-Center to Revenue Stream

PTC partners with premier medical device manufacturers to transform their service lifecycle. These medical innovators rely on service solutions to reduce the cost of service and transform service workflows into revenue-generating opportunities. 

  • Remotely monitor device performance and take corrective action before costs escalate. 
  • Remotely service devices to avoid expensive dispatches – often yielding 90% event savings and faster restored uptime. 
  • Deliver up-to-date instructions at points-of-service by automating the flow of engineering data to technical publications. 
  • Eliminate “waiting for parts” downtime by optimizing service parts inventory towards either targeted fill rate or equipment availability objectives. 
  • Effectively coach field technicians through complex procedures using immersive 3D, virtually reality, and or augmented reality experiences. 
  • Negotiate service and outcome-based contracts with a clear view of actual performance data. 
  • Close the loop on field service management by automating the flow of insights across engineering, manufacturing and service delivery teams. 

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Service Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

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