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The growth of wearables and smart, connected devices is ushering in a new era of patient-centric care. With 3-D printing, personalized medical devices are now a reality. The convergence of the physical and digital worlds is here, now.

This new complexity also opens new threats to profitability, risk of recalls and the ever growing need for addressing requirements of the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Stay up to date on latest articles, reports, and blogs.

Medical Device Research Survey

Medical Device Research Survey

The Impact of IoMT on Patient Outcomes: Changing the Business of Healthcare in the Outcome Economy

Medical Device Research Survey

Close the Quality Gap with Modern Closed-Loop Processes

New Axendia Research: Drive a Culture of Quality Within the Medical Device Manufacturing Ecosystem

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Close the Quality Gap with Modern Closed-Loop Processes

The Impact of Medical Device Recalls and How to Avoid Them

With investments in the right technology, your company is better positioned to ensure quality and avoid costly recalls.

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2018 Medical Devices Manufacturers Software Selection Guide

This independent guide identifies the critical challenges, key capabilities, and vendor selection criteria needed to choose the right technology.

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How to respond to rigid medical device EU regulations and authorities

Four Ways Medical Device Companies Can Become More Profitable

Focusing on four key areas, medical device companies improve competitiveness and boost profitability.

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FDA And The Case For Quality For Medical Device Manufacturers

Know the risks and the standards for successful FDA audits.

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ISO 13485:2016 Requirements for Quality Management Systems 

European Medical Technology - A €100 Billion Opportunity

Know the consequences of negligence and why you should understand ISO 13485.


How Medical Device Manufacturers Optimize the Risk/Benefit Ratio Over the Product Lifecycle

A product-centric approach makes it possible to easily propagate changes across the entire lifecycle, from design to manufacturing.


Deliver Innovative Products to Market Quickly with Controlled Processes for Quality

According to Aberdeen, using a combination of PLM and Quality Management systems can lower internal and external failures by 50%.

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2017 Axendia Report: Managing Medical Devices Across The Total Lifecycle

Staying on the right side of compliance and quality requires rethinking old strategies.

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