PTC Capabilities for MROs

High-Velocity Maintenance Requires High Availability of Parts

PTC's solution portfolio provides unique functionality to synchronize the maintenance schedule with the material plan. Complex logic extends the bill of materials from the work card to include the probability of need for as-required or non-routine parts. This provides a comprehensive BOM that reduces interruptions on the floor due to parts. Asset configurations influence the allowable rules for interchangeability of parts, and if accounted for properly, greatly refine the material plan down to the revision level.

Consumables and supplies can be forecasted independently based upon historic patterns tuned to shop floor activity levels or included in the BOM, and then driven by the maintenance schedule. The tactical planning process creates a time-phased plan of materials based upon the work schedule and offsets the requirements by each part’s lead time so that the entire parts list is available for draw-down when and where the work is to be performed.

Synchronize Maintenance and Materials to Increase Throughput and Reduce Cycle Times

Maintenance events are scheduled on a timeline based upon arrivals and capacity. The associated work cards call out known material requirements by event, and then translate them into time-phased requirements to create a materials plan for “known” requirements.

PTC can process historic work records to calculate probabilistic BOM times using factors for non-routine part demands. Since fleet aging and engineering improvements create variability in these factors, they can be forecasted to create time-phased BOMs.

Consumables and as-required materials which don’t merit inclusion in BOMs can be forecasted independently using an array of techniques or modeled to test for underlying patterns or causality..

Achieve Unprecedented Improvements in Throughput and Shop Floor Productivity

For almost every task performed, maintenance and optimal throughput depend upon materials. Yet all too often, the maintenance scheduling and materials planning are done independently of one another. PTC's solution portfolio for Aerospace and Defense incorporates the entire horizon of scheduled events and the maintenance bills of material (BOMs) associated with them into an integrated material plan. The coupling of scheduled maintenance requirements with forecasts for as-required or non-routine materials creates a comprehensive view of total requirements.

Configuration and effectivity are always critical in aviation maintenance. Configurations can vary by customer, serial number range, manufacturing date and other dimensions. Variations are comprehended in the data model as well as customer rules, requiring use of new parts or least expensive task completion.

Operational performance dashboards can track throughput, cycle times and schedule adherence.

One Solution to Synchronize Maintenance and Materials

PTC's A&D solution portfolio enables you to:

  • Integrate with maintenance scheduling for events and BOMs
  • Monitor all historic parts usage by application with testing for outliers
  • Set customer specific configurations and effectivity
  • Collaborate with customers for rotable availability
  • Set supplier ordering rules for value and quantity

Deliver Superior MRO Supplier Performance with PTC

MRO-specific data structures are leveraged in an array of key planning processes:

  • Multi-echelon maintenance bills of material (BOMs)
  • Calculation of probabilistic BOM factors for conditional /as-required parts
  • Time-phased BOMs and forecasts reflecting fleet aging
  • Simultaneous sourcing from repair and purchase
  • Knowledge management data base to identify unseen patterns in conditional parts usage
  • Dashboard to track operational performance and key metrics