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Optimizing enterprise supply chain

The US Air Force is partnering with PTC to improve demand forecast accuracy and optimize aircraft availability for a fleet of 5,000 aircraft across 1,500 locations globally. The solution delivered as a SaaS model in a DoD compliant environment, will enable a more efficient supply chain, as well as improve the inventory performance of its operations. 

Accelerating change management

The US Navy can now determine the cost and impact of an engineering change on a per-ship basis, and across the entire, globally dispersed fleet of more than 100 ships, each of which is configured differently. It cut cycle time for change documents in half, and was able to accelerate transition time when a new contractor team was brought up to speed through automated workflows, tasks, and assignments. 

Ensuring BOM accuracy

The US Army is standardizing product data across separate commands to improve lifecycle sustainment planning, fleet management, and workforce collaboration. This will enable an accurate bill of materials at the beginning of sustainment and maintain it throughout configuration changes.

Enabling growth through acquisitions

A major global defense firm will save hundreds of millions of dollars per year by creating a single collaborative environment to integrate design, build, and support functions across more than 600 military programs—all against the backdrop of rapid growth through acquisitions.

Accelerating innovation for a new program

A major aircraft manufacturer, innovating with 3,000 customers in 152 countries, uses standardized PLM for digital continuity in engineering, production, and support across a new multi-billion-dollar aircraft program. This solution quickens the pace of innovation by allowing the insertion of new product features designed to meet rapidly changing marketplace demand.

Driving enterprise-level cost savings

And a global airline accelerates its $2 billion corporate-wide cost reduction initiative by improving spare parts forecasting and planning for more than 3 million parts, across three distribution centers and 70 delivery locations.


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