PTC Capabilities for DoD OEMs

Material Availability Is Important to Your PBL Performance

The PTC model has highly specialized optimization. It can reconcile mission profiles and availability targets, causal factors influencing demand, weapon system configurations, maintenance schedules, myriad sources of supply and random failures into one unified material plan.

Modeling for revenue and budget supports strategic planning in the capture process through tactical planning in the sustainment of the PBL. PTC provides the ability to share information – including flight or maintenance schedules, forecasts of independent demand and existing inventory levels – with your carrier or MRO customers to create a collaborative process that resolves considerable supply chain risk and uncertainty.

PTC's configurable dashboards support role-based tracking of operational performance by PBL, program or customer. Further, robust capabilities expose issues and opportunities lost in the detailed data.

One PBL Solution - from Capture to Operational Support

PTC utilizes operational tempo, maintenance schedules, and forecasts of unscheduled removals to create a comprehensive demand profile. PTC’s Availability Based Optimization (ABO) computes the highest availability based on cost/budget to achieve maximum profitability. During sustainment operations, day-to-day planning is aligned with mission dynamics.

Insight into a customer’s asset utilization by asset type is vastly superior to demand history as a way of predicting demand. Knowledge about their as-deployed configurations provides the critical affectivity and interchangeability information that ensures the right parts and proper revisions are stocked. Sophisticated optimization guarantees the highest level of availability for given levels of inventory investment.

Superior Parts Availability for the Customers’ Mission

For the defense OEM, operational excellence to the warfighter is not just a goal but rather a contractual obligation. Parts availability commitments in Performance Work Statements (PWS) define operational metrics.

PTC's A&D solutions support the PBL environment from capture to operational sustainment. Budget and profitability modeling provide insight into the cost and revenue related to a PWS. During sustainment, PTC optimizes inventory to related metrics like system or part availability and performs day-to-day sustainment planning.

PBL Excellence: Capture through Sustainment

PTC's A&D solution portfolio is a highly focused, technology toolset with the following enablers for optimal weapons system availability:

PTC's solutions allow your enterprise to work with both customers and suppliers to better anticipate supply needs. The result: best-in-class on-time delivery performance, lower inventory investment, and extremely satisfied customers

Defense contractors have had difficulty in properly tuning their material plans to weapons systems activity to meet contractual terms. PTC supports modeling of revenue and cost in the capture process to ensure achievable commitments and realistic expectations for supplier and war fighter. PTC’s combination of inventory optimization and sustainment planning, driven by contractual performance targets, yields availability results that turn performance penalties into bonuses.

Customers reward supplier performance with incremental business and a willingness to accept higher part prices given on-time delivery. For most supplier performance programs, only quality is higher on the list than on-time delivery. PTC's availability-based optimization and tactical planning capabilities allow for higher fill rates at lower levels of inventory.