Challenges for Defense

Need to Ensure Warfighter, Depot, and Weapons System Availability

For defense departments, weapons system availability is all that matters, regardless of whether it is direct or supported through a PBL.

Weapons system availability requires:

  • Availability Based Optimization tightly integrated with day-to-day sustainability planning
  • Resupply options including cannibalization and no resupply for detached units
  • Scenario modeling availability based on budget
  • Demand planning that contemplates scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Detailed system configurations, effectivity and interchangeability

Thus, the volume of data available for the material planning process becomes exponentially greater, but the challenge is finding a software solution that can refine the data and make it useful.

High-Velocity Maintenance Is the Goal

Few materials challenges are greater than the sustainment and achievement of targeted weapons system availability. This challenge has three aspects: complex assets, extreme stress on those assets, and environmental conditions with dynamic resupply options. The ability to plan for the demand of parts for scheduled depot maintenance, unscheduled removals, and random part failures requires complex software and specialized data structures. Positioning the parts in the proper locations adds yet another dimension of complexity necessitating the management of fluid multi-echelon networks.