A twenty-first century space race is upon us

The stakes couldn’t be higher as the future of a multi-planetary human civilization hangs in the balance. According to ReportBuyer, the global space industry will be $558 billion market by 2026. Today’s satellite payload deliveries, commercial ISS resupplies, and rover missions will usher in tomorrow’s micro satellites, space tourism, asteroid mining, and a human footprint on Mars. 

The cost of launch will be dramatically reduced with reusable vehicles, new composites, and 3D printing. Former competitors have suddenly become collaborators, and the fine line between industry and government has been forever blurred. Welcome to the new space race.  

Lockheed Martin Space Systems: PLM for Digital Tapestry

To develop the unmanned Orion spacecraft, prime contractor Lockheed Martin is relying on the digital tapestry—designing and developing in the digital domain—enabled through PTC solutions and technology to accelerate innovation.
"Lockheed Martin’s Digital Tapestry and business processes were key to successful execution and performance of this product; not just the tools we used, but how we used them. Lockheed Martin has pressed the limits of the tools, and our partnership with PTC was instrumental to our success."
Brynn Watson, VP Engineering Operations, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
"To protect innovation as a strategic priority and to sustain its ability to bring critical new solutions to market, MBDA is modernizing its collaboration platform to harness the creativity of its development teams distributed across Europe."
Denis Ballet, Group Director of Operations, MBDA
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Space systems: Business challenges and key questions

Mission success within budget is a key business challenge for both industry and government stakeholders in aerospace and defense. PTC has the system-wide insight, proven technology, and best practices to help the space systems sector lower risk while connecting the present to the future. Read on for some critical questions to ask as business challenges in space systems arise—our aerospace and defense experts are ready with solutions on the other side.



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